Friday 11 November 2016

tradition, authentic Cretan Salad

This tradition, authentic Cretan Salad is available throughout Crete and is an alternative to the ubiquitous Greek Salad (village salad). The Crete Salad uses soft goat's cheese instead of salty feta and has additional fresh vegetables and herbs served with rusks (hard twice-baked bread). A must try in Crete!

Cretan Salad

The blend of Cretan juicy and sweet tomatoes, goat`s cheese and salty capers, with bell peppers and olives, gives this salad – believe or not – a unique flavour. All the ingredients in this salad are very, very common in Crete and the rest of Greece and a handful of capers does the magic.

paximádia - rusks
goat`s cheese
black olives
handful of capers
oregano, salt and pepper to taste
extra virgin Cretan olive oil

olive tree

feta cheese

Chania Mosque Yiali Tzami

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