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This blog is about making all your favourite food healthy and delicious, it's about maximising the potential and flavour of plant-based ingredients.


We are going to share all the tricks with you, how to s… l …o… w… d… o… w… n… and think smart about your daily cooking.

I hope you will take this journal in healthy word with us.
Enjoy and bon appetit!

Greg I am a full time cook, cooking at work, home and when I am on holiday. I have been following a vegetarian diet since my daughter was born which is when I started to care about the food we were eating. Before making this change I would often shop in big supermarkets without thinking about checking the ingredients, now it is a different story. I feel like since this change in my diet and attitude towards my food, I feel healthier and I now have confidence that my family can have the best, most delicious food. I have gained extensive experience working in catering over the last 10 years, and after meeting Tasha and Chris from Real Economy I started working as a Chef for the local community, passing on my passion about cooking healthy and delicious food.

I hope you enjoy this blog, we would love you to get involved!

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