Wednesday 2 March 2016

The Vegan Cheese evolution

We have some exciting news for Vegans, non-dairy dieters, milk producing animals and the nut industry. Vegan cheese is evolving.

Recently I attended a Vegan Cheese making course at the awesome Rockaway House, Bristol. Running the course and imparting this valuable knowledge was Mel Rogers of Mel Rogers' Kitchen Kindness. She showed us how to turn cashews (a Brazilian tree nut) into a good block of hard Parmesan; almonds into a delightful round of English Cheddar and soya beans into a convincing Smoked Gouda.


No cows, goats nor sheep suffered.
Mel's approach results in less processed, healthier vegan cheese.
Mel has more courses upcoming in the area, don't be too late!

Recommended reading for Vegan cheese making:
The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook by Chef Skye Michael Conroy

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