Monday 4 July 2016

Eating In: Miller Green Takeaway Review

Miller Green is a local Bristol business that delivers freshly cooked veggie meals, which you can choose from their daily menu selection on their website. 
We met Miller Green at Vegfest last month and have been waiting for the opportune moment to order. 

Today was busy and we didn’t have time to go shopping and the cupboards were bare as we just got back from visiting relatives. 

Their website had plenty of vegan and gluten free options, with all dietary information and allergy details clearly marked. We rung up and ordered the Moroccan Stew and Thai Curry, and arranged a time that suited us (we needed time to go and vote to remain IN the EU). Our order arrived on time, with clear instructions on how to reheat as the dishes are delivered pre-cooked but not warm. 

Everything had been prepared perfectly, and was extremely tasty. The Moroccan Stew had a rich tomato flavour but with exotic and fruity undertones. The curry was so smooth and the vegetables tender and precisely seasoned. 

We have ordered from various Chinese and Indian takeaways for gluten free and vegan food within Bristol, many came very highly recommended and we were disappointed pretty much every time. We had never heard of Millers Green before and we believe it to be the best takeaway we have ever had. The service was professional and efficient, everything was extremely well designed and prepared for those with allergies and intolerances and quite frankly no other takeaway business in Bristol comes close. 

High praise we know, but we advise you to investigate next time you fancy a takeaway in Bristol. 

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