Sunday 28 August 2016

Veganista Ice Cream Parlour - Vienna!

I don't know about you but, now we are in the hot summer months, I've really been craving ice cream and it reminded me of last summer in Vienna. Where we found Veganista potentially Europe's greatest ice cream parlour, which is all handcrafted vegan and mostly gluten free .

The parlour is located opposite Veganz, an all vegan supermarket so its a really tasty place to have a little wander round if you are in Vienna. Vienna as a city is incredibly beautiful, and everyone was very friendly and very helpful especially since we don't speak any German.

When you walk in there is a large deli counter with every flavour of ice cream you could ever think of and lots you haven't, you could buy little cups, larger cups, cones or boxes of ice cream; we saw a little boy and his father picking up a whole box for a special occasion which really was a perfect idea as the day we visited was very hot. The staff were very friendly, helpful and spoke English perfectly. We really got the impression that this was a popular ice cream parlour not just for vegans but ice cream lovers in general.

I (Jan) went for a cup of peanut flavour and my partner opted for mint choc chip ice cream. There are a few seats so that you can enjoy your ice cream whilst you are sat down in the shade so your tasty treat doesn't melt! This Ice cream is really nothing like the Vegan supermarket ice cream brands like Swedish Glace or Booja Booja or even Almond Dream. This was much creamier and the flavours were rich and so delicious.

Really reminded me of having ice creams when I was little at the seaside.

So if you are in Vienna make sure you pop into Veganista!

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